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The Ultimate Angler’s Measuring Tool

Snap Shot Ruler

Now you can prove the big one didn't get away! The patented Snap Shot Ruler is a quick, easy and fun way to accurately measure your catch and capture the ultimate trophy photo simultaneously.

No more fish flopping and slopping up your deck while you struggle to find a tape measure… the Snap Shot Ruler is the first-ever true vertical measuring device. It’s harmless to the fish and completely supports catch & release.

When It Comes To Fishing Photos...
Size Matters

Durable and able to handle a hard day at sea… the Snap Shot Ruler is a must-have for every tackle box. Made of brightly colored vinyl and printed with over-sized numbers, the Snap Shot Ruler is clearly visible in any photo. Now when you snap a picture of your prized catch… you no longer will have to defend your so-called “fish story”.

The Snap Shot Ruler easily attaches to any grip, scale or fishing line. Just catch, clip & click! A great accessory for serious fishermen, weekend warriors and family outings! Simply order your Snap Shot Ruler and begin enjoying the most environmentally and photo friendly measuring device available today. Here’s to tight lines and bent rods!

Patent # 6,959,499 B2